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Oak Designs offers a variety of catalyzed, satin finishes on either oak or birch wood: Seven wood stains, three color washes and eight colored laquers. White (70), Linen (73), Buttercream (77) and Navy Blue (55) are only available on birch wood. Most pieces can be two-toned.

Please note that due to monitor variations, the colors represented here may not be accurate.

NEW! *Distressed Finishes

Distressed Black Distressed Linen Distressed Celery Distressed Denim
Distressed Black Distressed Linen Distressed Celery Distressed Denim
*Available on Birch only in selected styles

(top color image: Birch - bottom color image: Oak)

#62 Medium
#62 Medium on Birch
#62 Medium on Oak
#88 Nutmeg
#88 Nutmeg on Birch
#88 Nutmeg on Oak
#23 Traditional Cherry
#23 Traditional Cherry on Birch
#23 Traditional Cherry on Oak
#95 Mahogany
#95 Mahogany on Birch
#95 Mahogany on Oak
#90 Natural
#90 Natural Birch
#90 Natural Oak
#73 Linen
#73 Linen on Birch ONLY
#70 White
#70 White on Birch ONLY
#84 Black
#84 Black on Birch
#84 Black on Oak
#59 Wedgewood Blue
#59 Wedgewood Blue on Birch
#59 Wedgewood Blue on Oak
#53 Denim Blue
#53 Denim Blue on Birch



Wood Knobs
Wood Knobs

Brass Profile Brass Angled View Brass Top View
Brass Knobs

Pewter Profile Pewter Angled View Pewter Top View
Pewter Knobs

*Hidden groove handles also available on selected styles



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