Oak Designs, Inc.



  • 1 ” Trim on front face framed - 1" x 3/4 trim shelves. 3/4" overhang sides and front.
  • Available in Birch only
  • Beadboard on sides of case goods, door fronts and backing of hutches and bookcases.
  • Standard with wood knobs
  • Solid toe kick
  • Dimensions are CASE SIZE only and DO NOT include overhangs.  Add 1 ” to the overall width and 3/4 to the overall depth
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  • Hidden Groove- Routered groove on inside edge of drawer or door face
  • Wood knob- 1 ” diameter wood knob
  • Brass knob- Solid brass knob
  • No handle- No handles, knob, groove or holes, customer to provide their own


Stains Color Washes Painted Lacquers
23 - Traditional Cherry

62 - Medium

64 - Golden
88 - Nutmeg

90 - Natural

95 - Mahogany
59 - Wedgewood Blue

79 - White Wash
33 - Brick

45 - Celery

54 - Northern sky

84 - Black
70 - White - BIRCH ONLY

73 - Linen - BIRCH ONLY

77 - Buttercream - BIRCH ONLY

Restrictions & Limitations

All finishes are satin finish.  Oak Designs, inc. does not guarantee color matches, due to the variations in natural wood grain and dye lots.  When choosing to finish in the natural or white wash finishes, most commonly on the birch wood, it is possible that mineral marks and varied wood grain and color may be visible.  When choosing white wash on oak wood it is possible for mineral marks and/or cast a pink hue.  Oak Designs, inc. cannot warrant against these problems.

Heredity and environment play an important role in the graining and color of both oak and birch.  Wood also has a tendency to mellow and darken with age.  No two items are identical.  Therefore, each item will have different graining and color variation.  These characteristics are inherent in the product and we do not warrant against them.

Companion pieces, such as hutches for desks, are designed for Oak Designs products only.  Since all dimensions are approximate, please specify accurate dimensions for items to be used with other than Oak Designs products.



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