Hampton bookcase Style #'s are the actual dimensions of the piece. For example: A HC 36X72 is 36" wide and 72" high. All bookcases are standard at 12" deep. To allow for the extra dimensions of the Solid Birch Hampton top, please add 2" to the overall width and 1" to the overall depth. (HC 36X72 is actually 38" wide and 13" deep).

Hampton Collection bookcases do not come with the bun feet that are typical of the rest of the line. They do feature the beadboard back and sides with (optional) solid flush doors.

Bookcases 48+" wide come standard with one center divide. Bookcases can be be customized up to 94" high and the depth can be increased to 22". Bookcases over 36" high can have solid base doors added. When doors are added, one adjustable shelf becomes fixed at 28 " from the floor. An extra shelf can be ordered if it is needed.

Standard shelf counts are as follows:

Bookcase Height Standard # of adjustable shelves
  Up to 42" wide With center divide
(over 42" wide)
24" 1 2
30" 1 2
36" 2 4
48" 3 6
60" 4 8
72" 5 10
84" 6 12

Available Sizes

HC 24X24
HC 24X30
HC 24X36
HC 24X48
HC 24X60
HC 24X72
HC 24X84
HC 30X24
HC 30X30
HC 30X36
HC 30X48
HC 30X60
HC 30X72
HC 30X84
HC 36X24
HC 36X30
HC 36X36
HC 36X48
HC 36X60
HC 36X72
HC 36X84
HC 42X24
HC 42X30
HC 42X36
HC 42X48
HC 42X60
HC 42X72
HC 42X84
HC 48X24
HC 48X30
HC 48X36
HC 48X48
HC 48X60
HC 48X72
HC 48X84
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